Terms Of Service

We at Getmart.net offer WordPress software developed by third party developers. Our services are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. We do not provide extended technical support and do not guarantee the proper functioning of the software. For any software support, the item should be purchased from their respective developer.
  2. All themes and plugins available for download at Getmart.net are developed by third party developers, these files (including all the downloadable content of the website) are only for testing and working demonstration purpose. If you wish to use software for any business purpose, the subject software should purchased from their respective developer.
  3. As we do not modify any files or code for any of the available downloads, we do not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by installation/usage of downloaded item.
  4. Getmart.net reserves the right to re-publish or un-publish any of the listed download items at any time in the future.
  5. All the users are required to abide by their download limits, any means of cheating or bypassing restrictions will result in ban from accessing the website resources.
  6. The products listed at Getmart.net are for individual use only and should not be re-distributed or sold.
  7. In the case any user is found re-publishing any product (WordPress Theme or Plugin) downloaded from Getmart.net, such users will be blocked access to the site without any prior notice.
  8. These Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without any notice to the website users.

Please note that if you do not accept the terms mentioned above, then you are requested to stop using our services.

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